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Dubai Expo 2020 – Join us live


TransparAll launches concept where each products climate impacts is calculated!

To create awareness about how the manufactures of goods and services affects the planet, the retail company TransparAll is launching an initiative to put climate responsibilities on the map.


Founded in 2021 by CEO and Founder Sofie Källström under the parent company Smart Generation which also is founded by Sofie.


Transparency has the power to reshape all commercial activities on earth. It is the very foundation to ensure a sustainable future together. By being a catalyst for change by education through transparency and become a ‘’go to’’ platform of conscious shopping. By offering a shopping journey that is 100% transparent where one is rewarded for good choices.
-      Sofie Källström, CEO & Founder


In collaboration with the award-winning Swedish fintech innovation Calculator 2030, TransparAll allows consumers to understand the carbon footprint of each product they are looking to purchase, helping them make more informed decisions about their shopping habits.  


TransparAll is a retail concept created for the era of responsible consumption that keeps sustainability at its core. The platform will be home to over 20 Swedish brands from the worlds of fashions, design and beauty that are known for their quality, innovation and striking design.


The store will have a physical presence at the Swedish Impact Store by TransparAll at the Swedish Pavilion in the Sustainability District, Expo 2020 Dubai. The store at Expo 2020 will be open from October to the end of March 2022.